Monday, May 24, 2010

My Holy (Future) sofa cover

Since im joining in patchwork and quilting club
I have so much passion in patchwork
And Im deep falling in love with these sofa grabbed from Decor8,
Helen the blogger just visited London, and these sofa taken from Squint, the eclectic shop & limited furniture.
Im speechless to see these and imagine how the feeling to sit there with colorfull fabric pattern

So lovely! and planning to make this, but with small amount of color not those much
Bang Oji, dropped by to my house measure my sofa and calculate all the fabric needed
It will be a long long project since I have to looking and match one by one....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

For My Lovely Girls

Since Lunari turn 3,5 years old this June, we're start to enroll her to school
Yes, one of my girls already grew up
Me and my Cello realized that she need her own privacy now
So, planning her bedroom is kind of exciting
Due to tight budget, first step is prepare sharing twin bed
The room was already painted with pink, as well as curtain
For cute nice little thing, found this sweet patchwork pouff through Takatomo

Hohoho...since i'm taking patchwork & quilting class, i will ask my patchwork teacher, Mbak Ria to assist me on this project, hehehehe

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So In Love With Paisley

Now, im working with Amesh from Dreamesh Living to order some paisley pouff
Planning to put them in our reception area
And you know what?
Amesh has some paisley pattern fabric that i love so much
I don't know why i'm so in love with all paisley pattern
I have read about paisley pattern history sometimes through designsponge
Its so amazing to know paisley had a long journey actuall, from Andalusia then spread to world
And I adore Paisley pattern from liberty liberty london ... They're awesome!

How about you? Do you love paisley pattern as much as I do?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Something nice for my future kitchen

Gosh! love this fifties style, mint coloured, painted kitchen rack.

The rack features 2 shelves, 2 drawers and 9 handy hooks and has been hand painted with pretty fuchsia flower. I will keep the dimension, just in case i will make this one later for my future kitchen

Size: 46cm (H) x 79cm (W) x 13cm (D)
Taken from Graham and Green , it cost almost 120 pounsterling!
Yeach..yeach..yeach...think harder...make this as soon as possible