Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My (will) cute floor lamp

Will you be mine?
Hooooo....i want this a lot, but to be floor lamp exactly
Waiting for my little brother, he will make the design and i try so hard to make lots...lotsss...lotsss of yoyos
Thinking... i should have heart shape yoyo maker and flower shape yoyo maker quickly!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lovely Yoyo

Yiiipiiii !!
My yoyo maker has arrived, comes with large size around 4,5 cm
Made by Clover USA, the biggest knitting and crafting store
I got this from eBay, and thanks to Kiki, who made this possible
Hooohooo....i love it a lot...
Can't wait to make lots of Yoyos, so i can put into my future floor lamp....

Friday, March 26, 2010

I want this, I want that.....

Another lazy Friday morning, blogwalking time
Thinking lately about lots things, my empty foyer @home
Should adding some stools or custom ottoman
So, decor8 gave me such us inspiration....
Taken from woodstool this wood stools were grabbed my heart...and off course I Want This !!

It's very simpel things, i think i can bring this stool pic to somewhere in Kelapa dua and then order the crochet cover or maybe i should taking crochet class first ? Hhhmmm...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wall Decorating Project

Last night Ageng Ibu & Romo Ageng (a.k.a my parents) stopped by to my house
Yes, my mom gave me her treasure fabrics from Pasar Senen
They are so lovely, as im planning to decorate my empty wall, insipred from Martha Stewart
Here are the sneak preview, I will posting for result
Cant wait to Toraya Frame at Saturday...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cute Triangle Banner

Since i'm doing lazy day @office,so blogwalking it has been such a very FUN
Thingking lately about preparing my daughter's bedroom and its decoration
Maybe this cute triangle banners from little birdie secret are become perfect ones. Thus, i can beg my mom to look around of her treasure fabrics, hehehe...

Ohh, they are so adorable...
Can't wait to sowan to Mbak Siti to grab cute fabrics
Before i get back home, i think i should list down my to do list :
  • Checking colour tone paint for living room
  • Repaint Lunari & Hikari's bedroom
  • Email Jane quilting checking my hanging wall quilt order
  • Call Jumadi to make my own design credenza and closet (and ask the price, hehehehe...)
  • Call Lik Taryo to prepare my father in law's Bima statue back home to Purworejo
  • Sambang to Mbak Siti, our beloved cute fabric vendor
  • Discuss with my little brother for customize yoyo floor lamp design (hooo....i'm so excited)
  • Waiting for my Yoyo maker arrived

Just Beginning

This will be my first posting
I Hope i have a huge power to write about all my passion and my preferences in the future in this blog

Nowadays, i love so much in designing my home and trying to more focused on what i want

My mother and i will joining a quilting course somewhere next month
I have been thingking lately that i should improve my other skills despite just regular working at my office

I Love anything beautiful
I love designing something
I love crafting
I love cooking
I love flowers

So, with all that...
It should be something to leverage my capability
Hope this is just beginning