Friday, April 30, 2010

Overwhelming with Joy

Beautiful isn't?
And look the Desmond Tutu's Quote...very inspiring!
Yes, my green quilt wall hanger was here...
Thanks to my dad and my little brother, You're awesome
I love the color so much, very eye cathcing with my wall
Next step, i will redesign my daybed cover and throw cushions for more bright colors...
Yipppiiiii !!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I want this and make this !

Oh, my holy grail dream daily hobo large bag!!
Found this at it a lottttttt!
From Christian Magli a local genuine leather bag maker from Bandung poor empty wallet
Hiks...hikss...promise to adopt you very soon babe...

And found this super cute yoyo vest from romantic cotton
Oh no, they so... so... super beautiful
I want make this for my two angels....LOVE

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Something Lovely from Inacraft 2010

Inacraft is the largest international exhibition that presents many many variety of handicrafts from all over Indonesia. Surely, this is the holy exhibition and the most awaited by many crafter from all over Indonesia and off course me, as handy craft lover.

Last Friday, I intentionally went Inacraft with full preparation, bring enough beverages and lunches (because i don't want to waste time out for lunch, coz the venue is very crowd) and of course the camera always ready in hand.

I was very sure didn't bring any my credit cards, because we all ready knew what is the ending story:))
I made an appointment with Jane from miniquilt to pick up my wall hanging, then to nekatun to adopt some of them. The result were tablecloth for our entry console and dispenser cover.

Yesterday, i call Mbak Nunu Idris from nekatun for order another tablecloth and tissue cover.
Can't wait to see them ship to Jakarta.

Today my quilt hanger will be ready, i will post the picture soon...
And i can't wait also to wait my single pouf from dreamesh living
I think it will be suitable enough for accompany the sofas

Get back to you soon !

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Arrived: My Wall Hanging

I can't believe my quilt wall hanging wall has done
I'm so happy!!! Yippi!
Isn't lovely? with Desmond Tutu quote on it...L.O.V.E so much
Those pics are the making progress from design scratch until finished
Sorry for the poor quality of final pic, which is taken from Jane's BB
I will post another pics after hang it into our livingroom
Planning to hang it just above my lovely daybed

Jane from miniquilt has already arrived, here in Jakarta preparing her booth at Inacraft
Planning off from office next Friday, and spend a whole day to Inacraft...hahaha....
Should keep my wallet tightly then...
Call Mbak Ria, my becoming private quilting teacher, the lesson will begin at May 8th
Can't hardly wait, and guess what
Friend of hubby, Panda opens private crochet course at his house
I think his mom will be the teacher, should i take the crochet course also?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Vintage wall hanging

Hey, remember my last vintage fabrics from my mom?
Here is the result after they all have framed...
Much disappointing with the frame as i didn't put them in Toraya
But its a quite fine for me, maybe next time i will repaired them
Especially in linen paper as paspartooe
I think they are lovely isn't?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Finally! I will have a family ilustration

Meet Lidia Dulam , one of talented illustrator that i have ever in webworld
Most of her drawing its fabulous
Very colorful, eye catchy and I love her style and taste...
So, after a long conversation (coz we are very bz girls) finally i order my family illustration
In the upcoming family illustration there will be me, hubby and my adorable girls; Lunari and Hikari
I'm letting Lidia to choose her own style to create ones, coz i believe she will gave her best
Ohhh Yay!! I can't wait for the result and choosing the best color frame to matching with our living room...Wait until my post the pic...

Courtesy by Lidia Dulam

Friday, April 9, 2010

My monkey vintage wallet from Sawo Kecik

Finally my custom wallet made by Sawo Kecil has arrived
Hoooo....very carefull to open the package
All are so personalized... I've got little my monkey with beautiful thank you card
So adorable...
I think i should canceled this wallet into my daily ones
Coz it so cute...I can't help to see it into dirty and DEKIL

Thank you Heni !