Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Arrived: My Wall Hanging

I can't believe my quilt wall hanging wall has done
I'm so happy!!! Yippi!
Isn't lovely? with Desmond Tutu quote on it...L.O.V.E so much
Those pics are the making progress from design scratch until finished
Sorry for the poor quality of final pic, which is taken from Jane's BB
I will post another pics after hang it into our livingroom
Planning to hang it just above my lovely daybed

Jane from miniquilt has already arrived, here in Jakarta preparing her booth at Inacraft
Planning off from office next Friday, and spend a whole day to Inacraft...hahaha....
Should keep my wallet tightly then...
Call Mbak Ria, my becoming private quilting teacher, the lesson will begin at May 8th
Can't hardly wait, and guess what
Friend of hubby, Panda opens private crochet course at his house
I think his mom will be the teacher, should i take the crochet course also?

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  1. Hi Lindy, pouf dewasa kebetulan baru habis dan mau bikin lagi.. berminat? email ke amesh.budiristio@gmail.com yaa thanks :)
    great blog by the way ;))