Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Something Lovely from Inacraft 2010

Inacraft is the largest international exhibition that presents many many variety of handicrafts from all over Indonesia. Surely, this is the holy exhibition and the most awaited by many crafter from all over Indonesia and off course me, as handy craft lover.

Last Friday, I intentionally went Inacraft with full preparation, bring enough beverages and lunches (because i don't want to waste time out for lunch, coz the venue is very crowd) and of course the camera always ready in hand.

I was very sure didn't bring any my credit cards, because we all ready knew what is the ending story:))
I made an appointment with Jane from miniquilt to pick up my wall hanging, then to nekatun to adopt some of them. The result were tablecloth for our entry console and dispenser cover.

Yesterday, i call Mbak Nunu Idris from nekatun for order another tablecloth and tissue cover.
Can't wait to see them ship to Jakarta.

Today my quilt hanger will be ready, i will post the picture soon...
And i can't wait also to wait my single pouf from dreamesh living
I think it will be suitable enough for accompany the sofas

Get back to you soon !

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