Sunday, November 28, 2010

For the old time sake

Yes, for the old time sake when i was junior high school

I went to catholic shool since there is no other best school arround the neighboorhood

So my parents sent me to Desa Putera, Budimulia junior high

Today, after 21 years later, here we are meet in one big reunion regarding to

The 50th school anniversary.....

Oh Gosh, it goes so so so fast.....Hope we met again friends!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dig Your Personal Style

I love read about fashion trend so much
But, im not such a fashionable person
I'm quite happy knowing the latest happening trend
The shoes, the bag and of course the clothes
I'm love being simple, wearing what i like
Usual just like "other mother" did...(But not that kind of mother) hehehe
Wearing hijab since last year didn't change my style so much
I'm still wearing jeans and boy's shirt or loose tee

Nowadays, after blogwalking to many hijab fashion blog everywhere, i met some conclusion
1. Wearing hijab doesn't mean you out of date
2. You still can follow the trend or YOU become the trend....

And i keep digging my personal style...

Looking for the latest trend which also comfy to me self...
Like today, i stolen hijab style from Dian Pelangi....
She is young talented fashion designer for hijabers
I like her hijab style a LOTTT!
It's simple, beautiful and still cover up your hair and neck and yet CHIC!
It's me today with DP style...hehehehe...I feel very beautiful a whole day!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Miracle happens on Friday and Prayers for my Jogya

I strongly believe my lovely Almighty GOD always listened to prayers
And this is my turn now....
Miracle happens on Friday
After several paintfull months, finally i can breath so easly (**
No more tears, i supposed
We're really happy and so do my other half, Cello
Allah made everything so easy, as He promised

Minggu ini agak bete karena my period is coming
So, di kereta on the way ke kantor gak bisa baca my tiny Qur'an
Bener juga orang bilang, sekali baca...lancar jaya jadi nagih
Seperti ketagihan sholat Dhuha setiap pagi...

Sedih karena melihat Jogya yang hampir tidak terlihat karena hujan debu
Duh Gusti, nyuwun ngapuro...
Minggu ini harus mengungsikan adikku dan the god maid a.ka Mince dari Purworejo
Karena disana hujan debu sudah sangat pekat
Bismillah...hanya berlindung pada kekuasaan Allah