Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cute Triangle Banner

Since i'm doing lazy day @office,so blogwalking it has been such a very FUN
Thingking lately about preparing my daughter's bedroom and its decoration
Maybe this cute triangle banners from little birdie secret are become perfect ones. Thus, i can beg my mom to look around of her treasure fabrics, hehehe...

Ohh, they are so adorable...
Can't wait to sowan to Mbak Siti to grab cute fabrics
Before i get back home, i think i should list down my to do list :
  • Checking colour tone paint for living room
  • Repaint Lunari & Hikari's bedroom
  • Email Jane quilting checking my hanging wall quilt order
  • Call Jumadi to make my own design credenza and closet (and ask the price, hehehehe...)
  • Call Lik Taryo to prepare my father in law's Bima statue back home to Purworejo
  • Sambang to Mbak Siti, our beloved cute fabric vendor
  • Discuss with my little brother for customize yoyo floor lamp design (hooo....i'm so excited)
  • Waiting for my Yoyo maker arrived

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