Friday, February 4, 2011

Pastel Scheme Colours

I never thought applying pastel colours into our house before
Pastel colours???? Don't get me wrong.
Cause i think its so dull colours and doesn't boost up the mood at all. But, Raul Renanda comes to rescue and suggest us trying the pastel colours

Honestly, we already get bored with yellow ones..and i've been stucked choosing new pastel colours for our reception area.

And since Dulux Inspire team had make over the living room into soft purple last Sunday
So, i think i have to give a shoot to pastel colours.
Hhhmm, i think i'm gonna falling in love with pastel colours....
Still confused using Dulux or other brand
The after smell was quite annoying for the kiddos
And its been 5 days and the smell still exist...

Other choice is Ace paints from Ace Hardware
It is latex paint with no smell and no water needed as the emulsier, sounds promising
And one pastel colours that snatch my heart so far....its a grasshopper wing A31-5
The pic above is the visualizer...should check for the price @Ace this weekend so we could made up very soon...

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